What is Tomales Bay LAN?

Tomales Bay LAN is a local-effort for high-speed Internet. Many Internet providers can offer “nominally” fast speeds, but what really sets us apart is in having a super-crisp, low-latency Internet experience.  Latency translates to delay and is as important as or more important than download & upload speeds for having webpages load crisply, having video stream without buffering, and having Skype and other Internet phone services (VoIP) operate crystal-clearly. It’s the not-talked-about metric mostly because success with it is difficult and expensive to achieve. Using airFiber® equipment and FCC licensed wireless links for our main delivery are most of what gives us the edge over all other Internet providers in our service area!



Where Do You Serve?

  • Dillon Beach,
  • Oceana Marin,
  • Tomales Bay communities,
  • Point Reyes out to the Lighthouse, and
  • Five Brooks-Olema Valley.


Tomales Bay LAN Service Area


What the Point Reyes Light Has to Say

Point Reyes Light Article

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What Does Service Cost?

We keep it simple. There is no installation fee or charge for equipment, and there is no contract period (we don’t need a contract to keep you as a customer!). Cost for excellent, local residential service is $49 per month, and for commercial locations is typically $98 per month. Speeds are 5 Mbps download, and 5 Mbps upload (notice the upload is as fast as the download, called symmetrical, and important for sending pictures and large files, and for Skype and other Internet phone services). Faster speed packages are available, although quite frankly often not needed with our low-latency network.

Our service guidelines are ample for watching or downloading up to five movies per day and for almost all other uses. That’s the equivalent of more than 300 GB per month – compare that with typical satellite Internet allowances of 18 GB per month, or with cell-phone based providers of 10 GB to 30 GB per month.


How Do I Contact You?

We are able to be reached by calling our local installers, Matt Porter and Charles Shultz in Marshall, at 415-663-0400, or by sending an email to . We are happy to answer any questions and when you’re ready to go, to schedule an installation to have you try us out.